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Windshield Repair & Replacement

If you’ve been involved in a collision or accident, the damage to your windshield might be much more dramatic and require immediate repair. While the laminated glass of your front windshield is designed to resist shattering, it very often does when the impact and the conditions are right. In many instances, a detailed repair might be sufficient to save your windshield, but if a complete replacement becomes the only option, you can trust Complete Auto Glass to come through with the fastest and highest quality of service. Driving with a damaged windshield is not only a safety hazard because it prevents you from properly seeing the road, but you are also running the risk that it will shatter.

At Complete Auto Glass, we pride ourselves in providing fast and reliable service. Whether you bring your car to our shop or we go to you, we will provide the fastest service available when it comes to windshield repair and windshield replacement. Our goal is to fix your glass and get you back on the road in no time. Our work is always guaranteed and is the most affordable in the Houston area. Give us a call today!

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Windshield Chips and Cracks

Our vehicle’s windshield can be damaged by pebbles, rocks, or other objects that fly by while driving. Most of the time, the damage happens unexpectedly and can quickly grow to be a bigger issue. Our mission is to ensure that every driver in Houston area has a safe windshield.

A vehicle can essentially have several types or degrees of damage. It might begin as a chip, which are surface level damages usually smaller than a dime. This kind of blemish, however, can easily spread and expand, eventually compromising the entire windshield and requiring a full replacement. Another kind of initial damage might be a crack that appears as a line across your windshield. It too might seem harmless, but with added pressure, moisture, and the elements, it will soon expand and become a real problem for you.

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Auto Glass Insurance Claims

In addition to high-quality auto repair services, Complete Auto Glass offers the best customer service in the business. Not only do we repair your windshield or broken rear window efficiently and effectively but we will spare you the tedious paperwork of filling out insurance claims.

Regardless of how your glass damage came to be, it is likely to be a stressful situation. It might involve repairing or replacing and this can always be a rather nerve-wracking experience. This is why we offer our customers the added convenience of not having to worry about insurance forms and paperwork.

We Make Auto Glass Repair Convenient For Houston Residents
If you’re involved in some kind of accident or minor collision, you might require complete auto glass repair or replacement. This will most likely involve dealing with an insurance company and the corresponding paperwork. Well, we do that so you don’t have to! Just book an appointment with us online and once we have confirmed your appointment, we’ll take care of your insurance claim for any of the following issues:

Windshield Repair and Replacement
Rear Window Repair and Replacement
Side Window Repair and Replacement
And more!

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